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[News]Cobra ODE BootLoader v1.1 veröffentlicht !

Eine weitere Nachricht von Cobra Team :Sie veröffentlichen eine neue Update :Cobra ODE BootLoader v1.1 ,angeblich kann es das Problem über die nicht erkannte USB Thumb Sticks reparieren.

Ausführliche Infos hier(Zitat von Cobra ODE offizieller Webseite):

We are releasing today a new update for the COBRA ODE. The bootloader is being updated to v1.1 which should fix everyone’s problems with USB thumb sticks not being recognized. Please refer to the user manual for instructions on updating the bootloader.

Also, the MCU update is now at version 1.3 which also fixes the USB thumb stick access, as well as a few other small fixes. Please refer to the Changelog.txt for more information.

The COBRA manager has also been updated and is now at version 1.2. You can now load games without rebooting your console or ejecting the disc. Simply quit the manager after selecting your game and the manager will make the PS3 restart automatically. If you wish to quit the manager without rebooting, simply press X to discard the yellow dialog before quitting the game and it will not restart the XMB.

The third-party library is also being updated with many changes which break the previous API, and to better parse the new files available from the ODE. ODE Manager developers should read the documentation and review the new API when integrating. Also, please refer to the user manual to understand the changes to the file structure.

Note that initial orders may not recognize all the USB drives, so if the LED does not flash purple, the update may not have been performed. Use a thumb drive or hard drive which works with the ODE to install the initial bootloader update which will then fix support for all other drives.

We are working hard everyday on improving the COBRA ODE, most critical day one bugs are now fixed. We have just discovered a data corruption in the DISC.ISO file when dumping the original disc which we will fix as soon as possible. In the next releases, you can expect the following features :

geniso: IRD support
manager: Disc dumping support
MCU: PSX and PS2 iso support.

Cobra ODE BootLoader v1.1
Cobra ODE MCU v1.3
Cobra ODE Manage v1.2
Cobra ODE Library v1.3
Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v1.3

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